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Catch and Release Lake Conroe

Hope all is well with you.

Want to share a story with you. I took my youngest son (16 years old) out on Lake Conroe yesterday. We got started at 6:00am, and had little success until he hooked into a 9.53 pound bass at 11 o'clock. The fish came out of 4 feet of 93 degree water, and was pretty exhausted by the time that we were able to boat her. She was also bleeding quite a bit from being gut-hooked, so we filled up the live well (added all of the ice bottles that we had in our cooler) and put in a cap full of Catch and Release. When we placed her in the live well, she immediately went on her side. We kept her in the well with the recirc pump on manual for over an hour. The Catch and Release helped to calm her (also to stop her bleeding), and she eventually righted herself. After another hour of monitoring the fish we took her to a local marina to get her weighed, and then released her. She immediately swam off...and headed under the shade of the nearest boat dock.

We use your product at every one of our circuit's regional bass tournaments, and I know that it has helped to insure the upgraded release condition of many of our fish. My son and I were truely grateful that we had a bottle of your additive on the boat with us yesterday. We both were thrilled to see his bass swim away when we released her. That fish was my son's "personal best" to date.

Just want to say thanks for everything.


Ron Gunter
Seven Coves Bass Club & Assistant State Conservation Director:
Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Nation
Catch & Release - NAFC
Hi there,

I was recently tasked with field testing your product "Catch & Release" through the North American Fishing Club. I was never given a sheet to report my findings.

However, I can tell you your product did wonders for my partner and I. We were fishing in our club championship on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma. We pulled in our first keeper of the day only to discover our livewell pumps were dead. However, we filled them by hand and added your product to the livewell. Every so often we would add fresh water and another cap full of your product. Im very happy to say you saved us that day. We didn't cash a check but you definitely kept us in the hunt during a time of need. I firmly believe that had it not been for Catch & Release, our days catch would have died before reaching the scales.

Thanks again!

Chuck Boso
Sure Life - James Caldemeyer


I would like to, first, thank you for the great products that you have developed over the years to help conserve our fish populations and ultimately contribute to better fishing for the future.

My name is James Caldemeyer and I am a Profesional Guide on Lake Fork as well as a tournament angler. I have used yout products for some time now and always depend on them for stabilizing trophy bass for release after photos, weighing and measuring. I also use them to maintain the livelihood of my tournament catches. The reason I am contacting you is because I am interested in promoting your products to the Lake Fork area, my clients and at tournaments. I see a number of Pro Staff for the "other brand" out on the lake and personally feel that Sure-Life is a much better product. I would be willing to give you as much exposure as I possibly can out on the water, thru my website, tournaments and T.V. shows that film with me. I will also work to get your products into any retail stores that don't currently carry them.

I am not asking for money or anything like that either...Just simply believe in your chemicals and would like to help in an effort to promote your wonderful products. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

James Caldemeyer
Lake Fork Trophy Bass
Guide- James Caldemeyer

Sure Life - James Gothard
Mr. Gergely,

My name is James Gothard, I am a member of the Grandebass Prostaff. Joe Chancey introduced us at the Bass Champs Cedar Creek tournament earlier this year. You gave me a sample of your product and I just wanted to relay an experience I had at the Legends tournament at Lake Fork last week end. I was fishing with my father and he is not familiar with your product. He
caught a fish and hooked it pretty deep. After showing him how to get the hook out he tried to let the fish go. She was not responding very well at all, he spent about 5-6 minutes trying to get the fish revived. It would try and swim off then stop and float up. I went back , got the fish and rubbed Sure-Life on it's tongue. Pushed water through it's gills and after about 2 minutes she swam off quickly. It was awesome thing to see. I was sold on your product before,but this was a true testament. I have actually bagged up a few samples out of the bottle you gave me and passed it on to friends. I am happy to see anything on the market to help the sport we are all so passionate about thrive. After speaking with fellow Grande staffers, I would like to inquire about adding you as one of my sponsors. I would love to promote a product that really works. I fish Bass Champs, as well as club level Poorman's, and numerous open tournaments every year. I own a Construction Company, so this allows me to be on the road a lot and in front of a lot of fisherman in the construction industry. Thank you again for the great product. If I can do anything else for you please let me know.

James Gothard
Please Release Me - Chris Sexton
I just wanted to say that this product works!!!! Here is just one of the many fish (6.5 lbs.) caught during tournaments that sure life has kept healthy while in the live well. I once had a good fish that almost died on me but I left her in the live well with Please Release Me and kept resuscitating her and she made it. I recommend sure life to all tournament anglers. If you want your fish to stay healthy and calm use sure life. Thanks for making a great product!!!

Chris Sexton
American Bass Anglers
OHIO District 38
Please Release Me - John Leeder

Thank You! I received the two bottles today and wanted to drop a note. I am looking forward to putting them to use in the Media Bass Championships in October. I have used the Please Release Me for years and it’s nice to know there are great people behind the product. The Please Release Me has always kept all my fish alive and well. Even when I am just having a fun day fishing I will put distressed larger fish in the livewell to recuperate and use the Please Release Me to get them happy again. I have not lost a fish all season long and only two gut-hooked fish in the past three years.

Here is a photo of my partner and I from our Media Bass – Big D Tawakoni win on May 6, 2006. Please Release Me kept these fish very healthy.

Once again thank you!

John Leeder
Please Release Me - Tony Soltz
Hi Tony Gergely,

My name is Tony Stoltz, owner of WesternBass.Com, the West's leading bass fishing web site. With over 15,000 users daily to our suite of web sites I think we are set up to best reach the target audience that your products cater to , enthusiastic bass fishermen.

I was fortunate to pickup a few samples of Please Release Me and once I used the product I was convinced it was the best livewell additive I'd found in all my years of event fishing.

I was intrigued to see that you feature several other products along with Please Release Me.

I'd like to discuss the possibility of bringing product samples to distribute via our website as well as request any and all press release information as we have an aggressive news section. We'd also like to send out some samples to our staff of contributing writers and see if we can't get some articles written to further promote your product line.

I'd also welcome the opportunity to show you our advertising rates here on WesternBass.Com and our soon to be opened site, WesternBass.TV, which features video and audio with fishing pros, guides, product manufacturers and the like.

We're excited here at WesternBass.Com about your products as well as the potential to introduce them to our readership. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much for your time.

Thanks again,
Tony Stoltz
Please Release Me - Mike & Holly Brown

Tony and Staff,

I exclusively use Sure-Life chemicals. Check out the attached photographs and visit my website to see the results. Keep up the good work!!!

Mike and Holly Brown
NSBA Shakespeare Tournament Trail
Team "Knot 2 Worry"

Please Release Me - Rick Socholotuk
Hi there. My name is Rick Socholotuk and I've been using Please Release Me in the many tournaments I fish. I find this product very effective and would like to order a 12 pound plastic bottle. As we have purchased a tournament areation system, we'd like to be able to provide this fish care formula with the system, when it is rented out. We have a booking for the system on the 15th of August. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible, regarding this matter?

Thank you.
Please Release Me - Alan DeVaughn

Thank you for your E-mail on our live release boat program.

This was the second article in BASS TIMES and have had articles published in BASSMASTERS and on BASS FANS.COM We have tried several products and have found one that really serves our purpose. It's called... PLEASE RELEASE ME by SURE LIFE LABS. Imagine that! If you have an updated version of your product we would like to try some, AND if you are so inclined to donate some of your product as a sponsorship program, we would be happy to place your company name on our sponsor signs on all three of our release boats and gladly endorse your product to ALL federations and other organizations we deal with.

Will be waiting to hear from you,

Alan DeVaughn
Live release boat Captain
Ohio BASS Chapter Federation

Please Release Me - Mark Swihart
Tony, I may need to order another batch of your product. Let me know what the price is for the bottles
like we ordered last year. We really like the way it keeps the fish, excellent material!

Mark Swihart North
Central Ohio Bassmasters
Please Release Me - Al & Travis

I wanted to let you know that my Grandson, Travis, and I fished the Bass Champs Kiss My Bass Tournament at Ray Roberts yesterday and weighed in the big bass.

This fish was 8.20 lbs, 24 inches and was caught at 10AM on a black grape Zoom worm. We immediately put it in the live well with a dose of Please Release Me. After loading the boat and driving 30 minutes to the Marina where the headquarters was located we made the 11 am weigh-in at 11:30. The fish was handled quite a bit at the weigh-in then released.

I asked the girl who handled and released the fish how did the fish appear in the water - was she in good shape? The girl said it was the liveliest fish she had handled. She said that it skittered across the water like it was shot out of a cannon, turned around and flew under the dock. Needless to say I give credit to the dose of Please Release Me for the health of the fish. I never have a large bass that lively after pictures, weighing and measuring her in the boat and then releasing her.

Thanks for a great product!!

texas sharelunker
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